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Omkareshwar Temple in Pune

omkareshwar temple in pune indiaTemples in Pune are an important part of the rich culture of the city. Omkareshwar temple is one of the biggest temples in Pune. This hallowed shrine of Lord Shiva stands as a symbol of endurance as it had survived the havoc created by the 1962 Panshet floods. Known for its extravagant style of construction and huge domes, the temple becomes one of the main attractions in Pune.


Shree Sadguru Shankar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir - Temple In Pune

Shree Sadguru Shankar Maharaj is one of the greatest saints in India,endowed with divine powers and is worshipped as God Shiva incarnated in human form. Shree Shankar Maharaj was an Ashtavakra and Ajanubahu saint. His lifespan comprised of 161 years.

 Shree Shankar Maharaj appeared in the form of a small baby in the dense forest of Saint Dawal Mallik ’s mountain at Antapur to a poor childless devotee of Lord Shiva named Mr. Narayan Antapurkar alias Chimnaji. He gifted Chimnaji couple with two children and left the house for the welfare of the Universe and to spread the message of love and peace.

Shree Krishna Temple - Temple In Pune

Shree Krishna Temple

Shree Krishna Temple situated at Nigdi, Pune is one of the most famous temples in Pune city. The temple is located at Nigdi and is next to the Mumbai-Pune Highway. Its built with a Southern architectural touch and is considered to be the glory of Pune. The temple is well maintained and organized by a well set Committee. The temple also provides with facilities like performing marriages, arranging birthday parties in the temple hall. Prior bookings are necessary for marriages and other programs.


Shri Subramaniya Swamy Temple - Temple In Pune

Shri Subramaniya Swamy Temple


History of Temple

The Dehe Gaon is known and recognized as 'Punya Bhoomi' which has been the soil which has been sanctified by the presence of the Great Saint of Maharashtra - Sant Tukaram Maharaj. The power of devotion of the Great Saint of Maharashtra Sant Tukaram Maharaj, is fully alive and vibrant even 400 years after the Saint is believed to have proceeded to Vaikunth, with the physical body. Each year, Lacs of pilgrims known as "Warkaris", trek on foot, the holy pilgrimage from Dehu Gaon to Pandharpur, amidst singing of Abhangs, Kirtans, Bhajans and the holy name of Vithal Rakhumai of Pandharpur culminating in the Darshan of Lord Vithal and Rakhumai at Pandharpur on "Aashad Ekadashi".

On the beautiful hillock at the foot of the ancient hill of Shankarwadi, within the area of Dehu Gaon, and at Dehu Road, on the Western side of the old Bombay-Pune Highway, is situated the abode of Lord Subramaniya - Lord Karthikeya and His Divine Consorts - Valli and Devayani.

On the west side on the peak of the Shankarwadi Hill, approx. 3500 feet above sea level, affectionately looking down upon the Divine Son, Karthikeya, presiding over the Subramaniya Swami Temple Complex, is none other than Lord Shiva Himself, sanctifying the ancient Shankarwadi Hill by His presence, which is believed to be of the Mahabharata period. On the eastern side, is a small Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, at the foot of the hillock leading to the Temple Complex. On the south-western side of the Murugan Hills, is none other than, the Divine Consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, known and recognized as Uma Devi. The Temple of Uma Devi touches the western side of the old Bombay-Pune Road, leading by a flight of steps to the Temple. On the eastern side, is the Hill Temple of Sastha - Lord Ayyappa. The entire family of Lord Shiva, consisting of Himself, His Divine Consort, Goddess Parvati, His Divine Sons, Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthikeya and Lord Sastha, have chosen to make the precincts of the Murugan Hill as their Eternal Divine Abode. Further towards the east and sanctifying the banks of river Indrayani, is the eternal abode of the Great Saint Tukaram who has sanctified the entire of Dehu by His Holy presence and whose foot prints have sanctified the soil of the Murugan Hill, thus cradling the Subramaniya Swami Temple and giving great spiritual significance to the region. Thus there is great spiritual vibration on the hillock and this is realized by Devotees who break into tears of joy and ecstacy on the mere darshan of Lord Karthikeya along with His Divine Consorts - Valli and Devayani, adorning the Murugan Hills similar to a Sparkling Diamond in the centre of a Golden Crown. 

Alandi Temple - Temple In Pune

Alandi Temple

( Samadhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar )

Sant Dnyaneshwar - a famous saint in Maharashtra - was born in Apegaon near Paithan. But Alandi is the place famous for his Samadhi. Sant Dnyaneshwar spent his short life here. He inspired the entire Maharashtra to worship Lord Panduranga. "Dnyaneshwari" - his famous manuscript (holy book) will always remind him.